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MyBigPlate turns a restaurant's paper menu into a digital board that displays on your mobile device. Dine like a pro!

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Why to Choose Digital Menu for Restaurant with MyBigPlate


Create a digital board for restaurants with QR codes and offer your customers
a digital interface of your menu for better customer engagement. .

Hassel Free icon

Hassel Free

Interaction with your guests/customers by taking orders on our custom-designed app for your restaurant.

Easy Menu Control icon

Easy Menu Control

Update your price at any point in time and offer a competitive price for what you are serving. The world is agile.

Excellent Guest Experience icon

Excellent Guest Experience

If the dish is not available, you don't have to speak about it. Silently hide it from settings.

Ordering app icon

Take Orders from the app

No need to wait for waiters to call or shout at them for any assistance. Instantly place an order from the tablet app.

3 Interactive Digital Menu Solutions

If you're looking for a delicious and interactive way to view our digital menu board, look no further!
Our 3 Digital Solutions are sure to tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So why not try them out?

Extend your menu's powers 💪
Menu customization icon

Menu Customization

An order icon checklist

Order Placement

credit card icon for payment

Payment Processing

a graphical line moving upwards in analytics


Extend your menu's powers 💪
Quick and Easy Access in digital menu

Quick and Easy Access

Contactless Ordering with digital menu

Contactless Ordering

Updation icon of digital menu

Easy Update and Changes

An icon of a printer

Reduced Printing Costs

Easy food ordering system

cost efficency

Cost Effective

Digital menus eliminate the need for printing and distributing physical menus, saving restaurants money on printing costs and reducing paper waste.

a logo of an eye

Eye Catching

Digital board can enhance the overall customer experience by providing detailed information and images of menu items, making it easier for customers to make informed choices and enjoy their dining experience.

excelerate sales

Excelerate Sales

It can be programmed to suggest complementary items or upgrades based on a customer's order history, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases.

MyBigPlate Layouts

Layouts for a restaurant digital board menu can vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of the restaurant.
However, here are some common layouts that are commonly used:
Grid Layout | Category Layout | Single Page Layout | Scrolling Layout

What People Say!

a QR code that can be scanned is placed on top of a table


  • Personalised Branding
  • Food Categorization
  • Web sync for Website menu-accessible through QR CODE
  • Quick Serve
  • Table Number & Number of People (Waiter Input)
  • no replacing the menu cards
  • Order Cart
  • Order Prep Time
  • Mouthwatering Food Photography